Ellen Coleman

Ellen Coleman, 65, passed away on February 27, 2013 in her home at Second Star Farm on Sinking Creek in Craig County, Virginia. Ellen was born on June 11, 1947 in Woburn, MA to Ruth and James Coleman, Sr. The eldest of four, Ellen attended St. Charles School and St. Charles Catholic Church in Woburn, MA. In 1972, she earned a BA from Northeastern University in Anthropology. A year later, she and her husband, Bill Wolf, established an organic farm in West Virginia. In 1978, she and Bill founded the Necessary Trading Company, a pioneer in organic farming methods, in New Castle, Virginia. In 1995, she co-founded Thorvin, a leading distributor for organic kelp. Ellen was a generous and giving person who loved living in the mountains. She cared deeply about preserving the environment, social justice, compassion and education. Over 40 years, Ellen built a cherished community and nourished it from the heart. She was an active organizer and officer in numerous community organizations, including the Roanoke Natural Food Cooperative, the Greenbrier Artisans Guild, and several day care centers. She was also a participant in the Roanoke Friends Meeting. Ellen cared deeply about preserving our heritage and the environment and served as a founding officer of The Citizens for the Preservation of Craig County.

Ellen is survived by her husband, Bill Wolf of Sinking Creek; two daughters, Emily Coleman-Wolf of Asheville, NC and Crystal Coleman-Wolf of Roanoke, VA; her three siblings, James Coleman of Charlotte, NC, Tom Coleman of Woburn, MA, and Janet Regan of Woburn, MA and their spouses and children; and by Billís siblings, David Wolf of Portland, OR, Louise Wolf Chandler of Sweet Springs, WV and Fay Wolf of Hollywood, CA and their spouses and children. Ellen will be sorely missed by her family, friends, and community. Her gracious spirit and good works will live on forever.

The family will receive friends at their farm in Sinking Creek on Saturday afternoon, March 9, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm. An online guest book is available at www.ellen-coleman.virtual-memorials.com. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Ellen Coleman Memorial Fund, Box 575, New Castle, VA 24127 to support the Craig County Public Library, of which she was a trustee. Funeral arrangements were cared for by the Kendall Funeral Home in Pembroke.